5 Things To Do in Red River If You’re Not Into Sports

Mountain vacations draw many types of vacationers from naturalists to sports enthusiasts of all kinds. Most mountain destinations are known for skiing, snow boarding, x-games, and more. However, not everyone chooses a mountain vacation destination for the purposes of playing sports. Some simply enjoy the fresh air, nature, panoramic vistas, and peace and quiet while others want to mingle with locals and enjoy fine dining and night life. There are plenty of activities to engage in either way. Here are 5 things to do in Red River New Mexico if you’re not into sports.

1. Shopping

If you are someone who enjoys shopping but is tired of going to the same old chain stores that offer the very same items you can buy anywhere else, then you will love shopping in this mountain destination. There are stores for art, books, candy and confections, and even places to purchase great cards and stationary. For some more popular stores look at Calamity Jane’s and The Candy Crate.

2. Special events

Participating in events is a great way to enjoy yourself while engaging with the community you are visiting. Some popular events are the Enchanted Circle Century Bike Tour which is a 100- mile bike ride taking riders around the Enchanted Circle, a difficult track that circles through other small towns before returning. If you’re not much of a biker either but prefer to mingle, Oktoberfest at Bradenburg park hosts many micro-breweries for a fun German themed festival filled with beer and activities.

3. Dining

Enjoy the simple pleasures in life and try some delicious food during your mountain vacation. From Pizzerias to Texas themed steakhouses, this town has everything you could ask for. Tourists especially love Shotgun Willie’s for quick and delicious American food as well as Texas Red’s Steakhouse and Saloon, for a taste of how the Texan neighbors like to dine.

4. Nightlife

Whether you want to dance, see live music, have a few night caps before bed or do all three, there is a place for you. Locals tend to go to Bull O’ The Woods Saloon to throw some back, or head back to Texas Red’s steakhouse in the evening for some live music and dancing.

5. Staying in

Who says you need to go out anyways? One of the best parts about a vacation is the rest and relaxation that comes from comfortable lodging and a good book or tv show. Choose a great vacation rental and stay home for a few nights enjoying the peace and quiet and re-charging your batteries. Bring a good book or rent some movies you’ve been meaning to watch and get caught up on your entertainment to-do lists.

With so many activities to engage in, you don’t have to enjoy sports to visit a mountain town.